29 Jun 18

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Family. We’re a family run business and we treat everyone like family. We sure as hell take pride in helping each and everyone one of our members reach their own goals. Britt and I wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for our community @fourhorsemensc . . . It’s the Nico’s of the world that make doing what we do worth it. Only a few of you know that this kid went through hell and back trying to get to get into the Air Force. Unfortunately, he was misguided by one terrible AF recruiter and leaned hard on our community during that letdown. During that time we stressed that good things happen to good people, even if you have to wait a bit longer than planned to let some bad “leaders” move on. He patiently waited. The outcome? He’s straight crushing life all while stepping up to the plate to serve his country. . . He learned some tough lessons in our gym; a big one being that people will disappoint you along the way -sometimes even the ones that you once looked up to, but so long as you’re a good person and treat others equally so, good things WILL come to you -you just gotta find the right people to help support your journey. . . Continue to make us proud Nico. You’re a good kid and our country is lucky to have you protecting us!

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Warm Up
400m Run
3 Rounds
5 Squats
5 Jumping Squats
5 Push Ups
5 Sit Ups


Push Press – Same as above

400m Run
10 Thrusters 45#/35
10 Hanging Leg Raises



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