21 May 18

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Yesterday was huge success and one of my proudest moments as a coach. All together we took 13 athletes to the CTS Wine Country Classic and everyone got a total.  For 6 of them it was their first meet.  10 of them Qualified for AO Series 3 in Las Vegas.  Multiple all time PR’s and Competition PR’s were set and, in the end, we took home 7 medals. . . That’s not what I’m most proud of, though.  I’m humbled by the fact that these individuals came together as a Team.  Throughout the day multiple people came up to me and said thank you for being their coach or helping them in the competition.  The truth is this success was the team’s doing.  Every single person helped load weights when it wasn’t their session.  Every single athlete only took attempts when told.  Every single athlete stayed and cheered their fellow teammates on.  Not a single one of them refused to help when asked to. In fact, they stepped up and jumped in.  Not a single person complained all day.  Everyone showed up confident in his or her training, ready to put it all on the platform and they did. . . Of course we can’t count out the support from those in our gym who weren’t competing, yet still showed up to cheer us on!  It was really an incredible site for me to look out amongst the crowd and see so many representatives from our gym. . . The person who should be saying ‘thank you’ is me.  Thank you all for continuing to show your support and helping put Four Horsemen on the map! Next stop is Las Vegas!

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With a running clock:
1 Mile Run
Max Clean & Jerks (135/95#)


800m Run
Max Power Snatch (115/80#)


400m Run
Max Thrusters (95/65#)


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