22 Nov 18

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Rain or shine, this group always shows up at 5am. They are a special breed of people to have the will to get out of their warm beds to face the cold gym, morning after morning. It’s an awesome crew lately though and has been a great way to start my day! All of our classes are awesome, but these folks rarely get recognition, mainly because I’m still half asleep and forget I have a camera on my phone. #morningcrew #5am #fourhorsemensc #functionalfitness #weightlifting #powerlifting #UnitedLifters #EarnedNotGiven #instagood #fitness #fit #fitfam #fitspo #girlswholift #fitgirls #trainhard #progress #girlswithmuscles #weightlifter #strong #instafit #gym #balance #muscle #health #California #Snatch #CleanAndJerk #OlympicLifting #StrongerTogether

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Class hours for the rest of the week!

Wednesday – Normal Classes
Thursday – 9am Functional Fitness, 10am Open Gym
Friday – Closed
Saturday – Normal Classes

EMOM x 8
Clean and Jerk – start at 65% and increase weight each minute



Unbroken Clean and Jerks

Athletes choice on loading.

“Gwen” is a fun and different benchmark workout in that athletes get to choose their weight on the barbell. Not only does this workout test strength and power, but also conditioning. Weight should be something that they can ‘touch and go’ the for 15-20 repetitions. This means that there is no pause or re-gripping at any point on the ground. Athletes may pause briefly in the front rack before bringing the bar back down to the hips.


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