21 Nov 17


Warm Up/ Fun

10 frames to row exactly 100m in each frame.

Try to get the rower to stop exactly on 100m. You get 1 point if you are 1 meter over or 1 meter under 100m (i.e. 99 or 101). You get 2 points for 2 meters over or under.

Potential for bonus rows. If you get 100m in the 10th frame, then you get another row. If you get another 100m, then you get another row.

Keep track of points and the over/under total.

Who will get the lowest score for the day?

Your over/under total determines the number of burpees after rowling.


2k Row
Here is a link that you should all use!  
It’s a chart that shows what time you are predicted to get based off your average 500m.  You can also use this to reverse engineer your goal.

For Example:

If I row on average a 1:50 split, then my 2k time will be somewhere around 7:20.
Now, if I want to beat Nate and Patrick and get sub 7:00, I can go down the 2000m column until I see my goal time and read out what my pace should be.  In this case, a 1:44.

This will be printed at the gym as well.



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