6 Nov 17


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Man what a blast we had this weekend!  Coach Nick feels like he got hit by an F-16 flying supersonic speed, but he wouldn’t have it any other way. Besides our @fourhorsemensc Team doing WORK in competition this past weekend, we are beyond grateful for even more than a successful competition… . . First off, we, hands down, had the biggest squad there; as competitors and as a cheerleaders.  It was amazing to see that support for our community!  At first we thought two pop-up tents might have been a bit much, but we damn near needed three! . . Secondly, everyone gave it 100%. Those who competed and those who cheered!  I don’t think any of the competitors could say they could have given more.  By the end of the day, everyone was limping, sweating and even puking.  Our Four Horsemen crew left it all on the floor.  The same goes for our cheering section: you all were there for every single heat cheering for every single person all day long. . . Which brings us to perhaps the greatest part of the weekend: You all supported EVERYONE!  Not just our team, but also anyone who was putting it all out there!  We witnessed you all introducing yourselves to all sorts of people, making friends and cheering on ALL the competitors.  It was amazing to witness.  You all demonstrated exactly what Britt and I set out to accomplish when we started this business 3 years ago: to break down the cliques and the barriers and encourage a community to grow!  Well I’ll tell you, we couldn’t be any happier with your sportsmanship yesterday.  We are so honored to have such an amazing group of people at Four Horsemen. You all embodied everything about the barbell sports that caught our interest in the beginning and the very same reason why it keeps us in it. . . Saturday got us fired up for the new week!  We might be a little banged up and tired, but damn we are ready to get back to it!  Bring it on Team!! #StrongerTogether #Community #FunctionalFitness #Weightlifting #Powerlifting

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Work to a heavy 3RM with Bands!

60 DU
30 Calorie Row
15 Deadlifts – 245/165


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