17 Oct 18

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Way to go fam!! #Repost @ndimarco123 (@get_repost) ・・・ Here’s some #MotivationMonday for you all! I am really proud of this girl right here! @burntchickennugget00 and I started working together when we both had similar knee injuries. Our initial goal was to rehab her knee and get her back into Weightlifting. We started to see a lot of great progress and then her goals shifted. Allie has made the honorable decision to join the US Air Force and needed to refocus her gears of lifting big weights, to being more conditioned and improving her calisthenics. Allie also had the unique challenge of dealing with asthma. We talked about it and came up with a game plan. I came up with a running program that included a lot of bodybuilding exercises to improve her calisthenics, while still giving her a couple days of Weightlifting to have fun with. The result? This woman is killing it! In just 5 weeks of her new military protocol she has taken her push-ups from 32 in a minute to 45. Her 1.5 mile went from 13:39 down to 13:17. The biggest accomplishment might be that she went from a 9:38 mile to an 8:59! Sub 9:00 with 38 seconds shaved off. In only 5 weeks and without knee pain! Do we still have work to do? Of course. However, I know we are going to be successful! Allie definitely has what it takes to achieve her goals and I, for one, am loving watching her take those goals down one by one. Phenomenal job Allie!

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Remote Athlete Allie killing it lately!

Sumo Deadlift – 5×8 – Increase weight each time.

Functional Fitness 
Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
15 burpees
30-calorie row


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