12 Oct 17

Good evening gang,

Unfortunately, we are going to be closed tomorrow AM (Thursday 10/12).  The authorities have recommended not to be outdoors due to the poor air quality and we have to agree with them.  A few hours ago, Britt and I went to the gym to get some construction and painting done and to evaluate how the gym was holding up with all the smoke.  While we were there, we watched the gym go from clear to smoke coming in and lingering in the ceilings, even with our doors/garage shut.  It smelled like a campfire in there and we both got headaches so we left immediately.

Tomorrow we will keep you all updated as to whether or not we will open in the afternoon.  Hopefully the fire dies down and the air clears up.  At this point though, we are going to have assess our situation day by day.

Know that we itching to get back in the gym just as bad as you all!  Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you and your families.  We hope that everyone is safe!

-Nick and Britt


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